Du-Calm Liquid is a nutritional supplement that can be included in drinking water for all types of pro-duction animals. The product contains extracts of lemon balm (Melissa officinalis), stevioside (Stevia rebaudiana), and magnesium of marine origin.

It is recommended to use Du-Calm Liquid in stressful periods, e.g. at weaning, handling, transportation (including transport to slaughter). An overdose can cause the animals to become passive.

There is no retention time when using Du-Calm Liquid.


Lemon balm extract (Melissa officinalis ), stevioside ( Stevia rebaudiana ) and hithly bioavailable magnesium cloride of sea origin
Dark-brown liquid
Minimum 12 months, when kept in unopened or tightly closed packaging
Dry cool (below 30˚ C)
5 litre plastic bottles

Recommended dosage

All animal species
1-2 litres / 1000 litres of drinking water
for min. 3 days

Note: The feed additives in this product are registered in accordance with Regulation (EC) No 1831/2003 concerning feed additives and are listed in the Community Register of Feed Additives.
Du-Calm™ is a trademark of Feed-Add, Dumas ApS.

February 2018

To download the datasheet click here: (DS_Du-CalmLiquid.pdf)

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