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Feed-Add, Dumas ApS is a Danish company, a Nor-Group unit established in 1987, located in a suburb of Copenhagen, 12 kilometers from both the center of Copenhagen and from Copenhagen Airport.

Feed-Add, Dumas ApS, and its sister companies NorGuard ApS, Nor-Add  A/S and Nor-Feed International ApS develop, manufacture and market internationally a range of natural and nature-identical additives and complementary feeds for inclusion in complete feeds and drinking-water for food-animals and companion-animals, and in feeds for fish and crustaceans.

All of Feed-Add, Dumas’ additives are environment-friendly, safe for humans to work with, safe for the animals receiving them and they protect the environment in both the animals’ houses and outside thereof. The products are very cost-efficient.

In consequence the product are obvious alternatives to many traditional, synthetic feed-additives that cause pollution of soil, water and the general environment.

The formulation of Feed-Add, Dumas’ environment friendly, safe, cost-effective, efficient additives is based on extensive in vitro and in vivo trials and all are supported by international, academic literature. References are available upon request. The formulations may be rendered at the disposal of seriously working international companies who would like to manufacture the products themselves, in order to use them internally and/or to market them in one, several or many countries under their own labels.

The company’s products include:

  • Natural, botanical additives for feeds and complementary feeds that improve the taste of the feed, thereby stimulating the animals’ appetite, and they possess further highly relevant functional properties,
  • Attractants, in both powder and liquid form, solving a number of the feed-industry’s needs,
  • Advanced blends of probiotics and botanical elements (phytobiotics, phytogenics)
  • Advanced blends of organic acids and botanical elements,
  • Antioxidants with functional properties, helping to eliminating free radicals, contributing to reducing the animals’ stress and to improving the quality of the output of the animal production.
  • A range of additives in which botanical elements and other active constituents are combined.


Feed-Add, Dumas has in the company’s R & D activities strategic focus on co-operation with Danish and international veterinarians, feed-manufacturers and livestock-producers, as well as with Danish and international universities and other research institutions, thus ensuring that our customers are guaranteed a range of products that are innovative and well-documented.

In order to ensure that every batch of the company’s products are of the same, high quality, all products are quality-controlled by external laboratories in Denmark and/or in other West-European countries.

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Feed-Add, Dumas ApS’ trademarks include:

Botacid™, Du-Guard™, Du-Relax™, Du-Sacch™, Du-Sweet™, DairySpice™, Duponin™, Duoponin™

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