Quiponin® S Powder is a complementary feed developed for use in animal feeds. The product consists of selected botanicals rich in triterpene saponins, standardized with a natural carrier.

Quiponin S Powder can be used in extruded, expanded and pelleted feeds, as well as in meal feeds. The product is formulated as a free-flowing powder ready for use by producers of premixes and concentrates as well as by feed manufacturers and by home mixers.



Elements of Soapbark tree ( Quillaja saponaria ), quinoa ( Chenopodium quinoa ), tea seed ( Camellia oleifera ), vegetable oil, with sepiolite (E562), clinoptilolite (E568) and/or diatomaceous earth (E551c) as an anticaking agent.
Light-beige, free flowing powder
Analytical constituentsCrude protein: 2.9 %Lysine: 0.135 %
Crude fibre: 34.6 %Methionine: 0.050 %
Crude fat: 2.5 %Sodium: 0.035 %
Crude ash: 13.2 %Magnesium: 1.020 %
Minimum 12 months
Dry, cool (below 30°C)
20 kg paper bags

Recommended dosage

Piglets younger than 4 weeks
75-150 g / 1000 kg feed
Piglets older than 4 weeks
125-250 g / 1000 kg feed
Growers sows
100-200 g / 1000 kg feed
75-150 g / 1000 kg feed
Lamb, calves
100-200 g / 1000 kg feed
Broilers, turkey poults
125-250 g / 1000 kg feed
Layers, turkeys
75-150 g / 1000 kg feed
Dairy Cattle
5-20 g / head / day or
500-1000 g / 1000 kg total dry matter feed ration
150-200 g / 1000 kg feed

Note: The feed materials in this product are registered in accordance with Regulation (EC) No 767/2009 and Commission Regulation (EU) No 242/2010.
Quiponin® is a registered trademark of Feed-Add, Dumas ApS’ sister company Nor-Feed A/S

June 2014

To download the datasheet click here: (DS_Quiponin S Powder.pdf )

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