Spiceblend Sap is a premix developed for inclusion in feeds for all animals. The product consists of selected botanicals rich in saponins and flavour-enhancing properties.

Spiceblend Sap can be used in extruded, expanded and pelleted feeds, as well as in meal feeds. The product is formulated as a free-flowing powder ready for use by producers of premixes and concentrates, as well as by feed manufacturers.
The product is formulated in order to be used in organic production. The contents of conventional spices in Spiceblend Sap account for 70%.

Fenugreek powder ( Trigonella foenum-graecum ), Licorice extract ( Glycyrrhiza glabra ) and green tea extract ( Camellia sinensis ), with sepiolite (E562), clinoptilolite (E568) and/or diatomaceous earth (E551c) as an anticaking agent and 2 % conventional rape seed oil as a dust reducer.
Free flowing, beige powder
Minimum 12 months, when kept in unopened or tightly closed packaging
Dry, cool (below 30°C)
20 kg paper bags

Recommended dosage

Piglets younger than 4 weeks
125-175 g / 1000 kg feed
Piglets older than 4 weeks
125-275 g / 1000 kg feed
Growers, sows
125-225 g / 1000 kg feed
125-175 g / 1000 kg feed
Broilers, turkey poults
250-300 g / 1000 kg feed
Layers, turkeys
125-175 g / 1000 kg feed


February 2015

To download the datasheet click here (DS_Spiceblend Sap.pdf)

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